Will the Alberta election result in a provincial 180?

The Province of Alberta has been governed by the same party for 44 years. 44 YEARS. An election is coming, and Paula Simons is watching closely to see if change, or no change, is scarier for Alberta voters.
It was mostly the Jim Prentice-Rachel Notley show in the leaders' debate last week as the Conservative and NDP leaders squared off. (The Canadian Press)

The province of Alberta has been governed by the same party for 44 years.

There is a lot of debate about whether, as recent polls suggest, another party — and maybe even the NDP — might end the Progressive Conservative dynasty.

The possibly seems unfathomable to many, because a good chunk of Alberta residents have never known any other governing party.

Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal columnist, explores the angst of this uncertain outcome, and why the rest of Canada needs to watch out for what might happen on election day.