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How K-pop band BTS is helping fans a world away navigate identity and hardship

The seven member boy band, who sing and rap mostly in Korean, share a coming of age story in their lyrics that has their fans thinking about representation, self-esteem and hope.

Soundtrack for the soul

At this time of physical isolation and uncertainty, music can offer a powerful balm. Tapestry is crowdsourcing songs that will lift your spirits and calm your nerves. This week, suggestions from Ibrahim Faruqui and Stan Halbesma.

Why this single mom of 3 in the Northwest Territories moved her family off-grid during the pandemic

Normally, Melaw Nakehk'o lives in a townhouse in Yellowknife with her three boys. But when the Northwest Territories implemented self-distancing measures in response to the coronavirus, Nakehk'o took it as a cue to gather her sons and her parents together ━ and head into the bush.

Healing power of K-pop, pandemic playtime, music for the soul

Korean boy band BTS has legions of devoted fans known as ARMY. In her documentary, CBC producer - and self-professed ARMY - Jane van Koeverden explores why the connection between BTS and its fans is so deep. Hint: their loyalty is based on much more than just catchy music. Escape room owner Ibrahim Faruqui talks about the importance of play during the pandemic. Stan Halbesma, owner of a rural Manitoba grocery store, offers music for the soul.

Tapestry@25: miracle investigator Randall Sullivan

It began as a piece of investigative journalism into so-called miracles — visions of the Virgin Mary in Oregon and Medugorje. But it turned into a harrowing chapter of Randall Sullivan’s life… and the skeptic became a believer.

Journalist turned believer Randall Sullivan, new music for your soul

We revisit an unforgettable interview from 2006 with journalist Randall Sullivan as part of our Tapestry@25 celebrations. Sullivan began investigating purported miracles — sightings of the Virgin Mary — as an assignment for Rolling Stone magazine. It took him from a trailer in Oregon to the hillsides of Medugorje and eventually led to a harrowing chapter of his life… that turned him from a skeptic to a believer. Plus a new addition to Tapestry’s Soundtrack for the Soul.

'Strong black woman' trope does more harm than good, says youth minister

As a Baptist minister and youth advocate, Khristi Adams says that young black women and girls often struggle with the belief they can’t be anything but fierce. She’s the author of Parable of the Brown Girl, in which she chronicles her experience working with black girls coming of age.

NWT family self-isolates on the land during pandemic, the sacred lives of black girls

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began, Dene artist Melaw Nakehk’o packed up her three sons, left their home in Yellowknife, and set up camp with her parents along the Dehcho River. She says physical distancing in town left her feeling disconnected, but isolating on the land gave her family an opportunity to reconnect with their traditional lifestyle and each other. Khristi Lauren Adams is an ordained Baptist minister and youth advocate who has devoted her life to working with young black women and girls. She says they often struggle with the belief they can’t be anything but fierce. She works to help them feel ‘seen’ and cultivate their self-acceptance.

'Lower your expectations' and other practical advice for parents during COVID-19

Trying to work, parent, home-school the kids, put three meals on the table every day, keep the house clean AND keep your sanity in check? Ann Douglas is a writer who specializes in parenting issues. She offers moral support and honest advice to parents struggling during COVID-19 isolation.

Reinventing Ramadan: Ottawa imam finds new ways to celebrate during COVID-19

If this were a normal Ramadan, Imam Sikander Hashmi would be inviting people into his mosque every night for prayers and the communal fast break. Instead he’s been advising people how to make their own home mosques.

Pandemic parenting advice, how to celebrate Ramadan from a distance

Author and parenting expert Ann Douglas offers her signature blend of compassion and practical advice to parents struggling to care for their children during COVID-19 isolation. Sikander Hashmi is an imam and community leader in Kanata, ON. He shares how he is guiding his community through Ramadan celebrations despite physical isolation.

Soundtrack for the soul

At this time of physical isolation and uncertainty, music can offer a powerful balm. Tapestry is crowdsourcing songs that will lift your spirits and calm your nerves. This week, suggestions from Ibrahim Faruqui and Stan Halbesma.

Lessons from a war zone: How to emotionally survive and flourish in the pandemic

When COVID-19 struck, Aisha Ahmad recognized very few people around her had lived through a large-scale disaster. Despite being a professor of political science, she found herself acting as an online counsellor, sharing wisdom she earned living in conflict around the world.

Wisdom from a war zone, music for the soul

Aisha Ahmad is a political science professor and an advisor to governments and international organizations on global security policies. During the pandemic, she has become a sort of online guide, advising her more than 19,000 Twitter followers how to stay centred and positive during the pandemic. Ahmad draws on wisdom she earned while living in conflict zones around the world, including Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Mali and Lebanon. Professor Ahmad and Tapestry listener Suzanne Picot add music to our Soundtrack for the Soul.

Exercising during isolation? Don't forget to flex those social muscles too

Dr. Alice Chen argues that being sociable and connecting with people is like a kind of muscle. And she warns that while we’re isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be starting to atrophy.

How to prevent a pandemic-induced social recession, music for the soul

Dr. Alice Chen warns that isolation and physical distancing, while necessary now, could lead our social muscles to atrophy. She offers simple tips to keep those muscles strong and prevent a social recession. Sophie Châtillon is a pharmacist outside Montreal who’s pregnant with her second child. She shares the two songs that are helping her through this strange time.

3 tips to reduce pandemic-induced anxiety

We’re all in this together. But it’s important for all of us ━ and especially those on the front lines of the pandemic ━ to look after our own mental and physical health. A senior medical officer at the First Nations Health Authority in Vancouver shares some ways to alleviate stress.

U.K. sports commentator calls the game of life: humour during COVID-19

Now that sports have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19, rugby commentator Nick Heath has begun narrating the everyday events in his neighhourhood. His funny play-by-plays — of everything from pigeons to pedestrians — are offering moments of levity to people around the world.

Parody videos, pandemic grounding exercises, and music for your soul

Rugby commentator Nick Heath does funny play-by-play on everyday life. Psychiatrist Nel Wieman offers practical advice for staying centred during the pandemic. Plus four new additions to Tapestry’s Soundtrack for the Soul.

How COVID-19 lockdowns interrupted this introvert author's journey to extrovert

One introvert tells Tapestry how her journey to live life like an extrovert has been upended by the coronavirus pandemic, just as she had become skilled at the “whole leaving-the-house thing.”

Watch the self-talk: The dangers of typecasting yourself

I’m a hard worker. He’s a sloth. I’m an introvert. She’s a social butterfly. It’s easy to label yourself and others. But writer Dan Brooks says typecasting yourself can curtail your life.

Introverts in the pandemic

Introvert Jessica Pan reflects on her ‘nightmarish’ quest to live like an extrovert for a year. American freelance writer Dan Brooks cautions against typecasting yourself. And, a Moncton couple recommends a song for our Soundtrack for the Soul that made them “laugh out loud.”

Tapestry@25: scholar of Buddhism and deep ecology Joanna Macy

Tapestry host Mary Hynes spoke to Joanna Macy in 2006 about the power of collaboration, our deep connection to all life and the universe, and the importance of allowing ourselves to feel whatever emotions arise. Fourteen years later, as we move through this pandemic, her thoughts are more relevant than ever.

Tapestry@25: gardener Marjorie Harris

Marjorie Harris is one of Canada’s best known garden writers. But for Harris, gardening is more than a job — it’s a spiritual practice and one of her most powerful teachers.

Tapestry@25: Back to the Garden

Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy and gardener Marjorie Harris offer guidance on finding the sublime in the smallest of things.