The importance of seeking beauty, wherever it can be found

Daniela Gesundheit is part of indie band Snowblink, and a cantor, the person who leads people in singing and prayer in a synagogue. But while Gesundheit kept those two worlds separate, she felt there were conversations happening within the Jewish tradition that were too big to be confined.
Daniela Gesundheit is the vocalist behind the Canadian indie band Snowblink. Her new LP is Alphabet of Wrongdoing. (Terri Lowenthal/Daniela Gesundheit)

For a long time, Daniela Gesundheit split her time between California and Toronto as part of the indie band Snowblink.

But Gesundheit is also Jewish, and on the side was a cantor, the person who leads people in singing and prayer in a synagogue. For much of her life, she separated those two parts of her life. But over time, Gesundheit says she would have conversations about what it means to be human. happening within the Jewish tradition that she felt were too big to be confined to religion. So she felt compelled to further explore her spiritual questions.

The end result of that exploration is her LP, Alphabet of Wrongdoing. The title comes from the translation of the prayer Ashamnu, which is about reflecting on past mistakes over the last year. The collection of songs is about seeking, if not finding, a deeper truth and beauty, using the Jewish tradition she grew up with. 

(Submitted by Daniela Gesundheit)

Gesundheit first released the LP early in the pandemic, in Sept. 2020, however with a re-release coming later this month, she talked to Tapestry host Mary Hynes, about her long, complicated relationship between her music and Jewish traditions. 


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