Tapestry at 25: Let There Be Light

This episode is a holiday favourite from the Tapestry vaults: a playful, thoughtful exploration of the ways different spiritual traditions think about light at the darkest time of the year.
Light show. (REUTERS)
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There are different criteria for choosing the 'old gold' episodes we're airing during Tapestry's 25th anniversary season.

Sometimes, it's an unforgettable guest or a really compelling theme. THIS episode, from Christmas Eve 2006, makes the cut for lots of reasons. Number one? It features the single greatest answer in Tapestry history: 

Teacher, pointing at a nativity scene: "Anyone know who this is - the three men wearing crowns?"

Student: "The three astronauts?" 

The episode is called Let There Be Light, and it's been one of our favourites for years.  You'll hear a pagan on the practice of "calling back the light" during the darkest time of the year. You'll learn about light as a beautiful metaphor in religions all over the world. And you'll hear from a Quaker man, whose phrase, "mind the light," reminds him to look through spiritual eyes. 

The light of the world.  The festival of lights. Let your light shine.  I've seen the light. Enlightenment. As we discovered when we were putting this episode together, once you start thinking about light as a symbol - you see it everywhere.