Sun, Surf, Spirituality

(Originally aired June 15, 2014) "Jesus was kind of the first surfer," says Father Donald Calloway, the surfing priest from San Diego. Mary talks to Father Calloway and Nova Scotia writer Lesley Choyce about the spirituality of surfing.

"Jesus was kind of the first surfer," says Father Donald Calloway, the surfing priest from San Diego. Mary talks to Father Calloway and Nova Scotia writer Lesley Choyce about the spirituality of surfing. 

Father Donald Calloway is a Catholic priest who surfs the Pacific Ocean off southern California and Mexico. Lesley Choyce is a writer and poet who surfs the Atlantic off the coast of Nova Scotia. 

Then meet Professor Jim Gates, a theoretical physicist who believes in God, and who says there could be computer code buried in the creation of the cosmos.

Professor Gates is a winner of the National Medal of Science in the U.S. He is director of the Center for String and Particle Theory at the University of Maryland; he serves on the Presidents' Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. He has led some fascinating research which suggests error-correcting computer-type code may be embedded in the mathematics behind the Big Bang.