Love in the lab

Love might at first appear like something truly unknowable — but science has been slowly unpacking the secrets of how and why humans fall in love. Tapestry talks to Arthur Aron on how to make love last and Renae Franiuk on relationship styles.
On this week's episode: love tips from Arthur Aron and what believing in soulmates can say about you (TroobaDoor/Shutterstock)
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Researcher Arthur Aron has some surprising ideas on how to make love work. One romance tip? Increase your likelihood of falling in love by having someone threaten you with electric shock. It may sound absurd, but the science indicates that love is never straightforward.

Renae Franiuk, a psychology professor at Aurora University, developed a test on whether or not you believe in soulmates. It might appear fanciful, but that belief can determine a lot about how you enter a relationship, and how long you might stay — even if it gets dangerous. Michelle Parise, creator of Alone: A Love Story, takes the test to find out where she lands.