Let's sing

Karaoke is a health hazard right now, but writer Mel Woods longs for the nights singing on a bar’s stage. Woods believes that when the pandemic ends, karaoke would be a great way to celebrate the beginning of a new era. Composer and zoomusicologist Hollis Taylor said that she learned a lot about music from the pied butcherbird, showing her that humans are far from being the only ones with musical talent in the natural world.
(Ben Shannon)

We can learn a lot about music from birds, says composer

When composer Hollis Taylor first encountered the pied butcherbird in Australia, she described it as an "epiphany." Taylor, a violinist, has created numerous "re-compositions." She takes recordings of the bird and turns them into sheet music, often simplifying birdsong so they can be played on human instruments. 

Why the first you should do when the pandemic is over is karaoke

Karaoke is the perfect poster child of all that we've missed during the pandemic, says writer Mel Woods. Woods says it's a fun way to let loose - once it's safe to do again -  even if you can't sing.  "One of my favorite things about karaoke is that you get to kind of leave, to a certain extent, gender at the door, right? For your four minutes and 30 seconds, you are Bruce Springsteen …  It's magical."