Goats, houses and grandpa's stacks of cash

Jen Doll tells us why we need to talk about where wealth comes from and the advantages it gives people. Meanwhile another woman confronts her housing privilege and a man goes from drug overdose to goat farmer.
Kylie Jenner, scion of the Kardashian clan, was declared by Forbes Magazine the youngest self-made billionaire at 21. But is she really "self-made"? (Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters)
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Forbes magazine declared that Kylie Jenner was the youngest self-made billionaire and the internet blew up. How could Kylie Jenner, scion of the Kardashian family, really be considered "self-made"? Harper's Bazaar online contributor Jen Doll tells us why we need to talk about where wealth comes from and the advantages it gives people. 

Niki Andresen ended up with a home in Victoria she'd never expected to have, thanks to a surprise gift from her family. Andresen says while she's grateful for the apartment, she can't help but feel like she cheated — that if life were fair, she'd really have to work for that home.

After a drug overdose led to brain damage, Brendon Meister had to leave Toronto for life in Kentville, N.S. There his family tried to nurture him back to health, and made some progress, but Meister lacked a sense of purpose. It wasn't until the goats arrived that Meister really found a sense of purpose. Mary-Catherine McIntosh brings us of a story of this 28-year-old goat farmer. 


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