Finding faith in creative acts

Reverend Paula Hollingsworth outlines the evolution of faith in Jane Austen’s novels and her personal life. And writer Amy Shearn, is on a quest to better understand why we take on long-term projects and what keeps us going through the process.
(Ben Shannon)

Now might be the perfect time to start a long-term project. Here's why.

The pandemic has changed the way we view time, making planning for the future feel daunting. But Amy Shearn has found creative inspiration in the uncertainty of lengthy commitments. "It's like a gift for the future." From writing a novel to constructing the 10,000-year Clock, Amy Shearn says long-term projects can structure our future and tether us to the present. 

How Jane Austen's writing reveals her spiritual outlook

Reverend Paula Hollingsworth, Chaplain at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, is the author of The Spirituality of Jane Austen. She outlines the evolution of faith in Jane Austen's novels and her personal life , and discusses what we can garner about Jane's stance on the abolitionist movement through her writing in Mansfield Park.