Fatherhood in diaspora

Guest host Yassin 'Narcy' Alsalman explores what it means to be a father when you're part of a diaspora.
Guest host Yassin Alsalman considers how the experience of living in a diaspora shapes fatherhood. (Tamara Abdul Hadi)

A father's role is spiritual journey. It's a constant roller coaster filled with love and strength. 

— Yassin Alsalman  

Guest host Yassin Alsalman, a.k.a. 'Narcy', explores what it means to be a father — and a child — when you're part of a diaspora. 

Jihan 'Jiji' Kikhia was only six-years-old when her father, a prominent critic of Muammar el-Qaddafi, was abducted. His disappearance initiated a lifelong journey for Kikhia. Although she knows what happened to her father, his disappearance has left her searching. 

Before making a name for himself as a film producer, writer and social entrepreneur, Sol Guy spent his childhood in the small town of Grand Forks, B.C. His father, William Richard Guy, was instrumental in helping Sol understand his heritage. ​

WEB EXTRA: Listen to Yassin 'Narcy' Alsalman's curated playlist, Songs in the Key of Dad. 

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