Tapestry's 'Soundtrack for the soul'

Inspired by Sister Helen Prejean's musical playlist of songs to lift our spirits - we asked you favourite songs. Here is the Tapestry playlist, with songs submitted by listeners.

"Are you feeling beaten down by recent events? Dispirited? Despairing? Numbed? Did something in the past couple of weeks feel like the last straw? I'm feeling it, too." - Sister Helen Prejean

When Tapestry spoke to Sister Helen Prejean about how to stay strong in challenging times, she said she often turns to music. She's currently building a playlist and she calls it her "Justice Train Playlist,' filled with songs that keep you going when the going gets tough. And we're getting on board, too. 

With your help, we created Tapestry's 'Soundtrack for the Soul' - a made-in-Canada playlist inspired by the work of Sister Helen Prejean. It's a collection of songs that will pump you up when you're feeling down.

These songs are from our listener suggestions, with a few of our own mixed in. Take a listen, and let us know if it lifts your spirits.