Psychologist Anthony Bossis: Can psychedelic drugs help ease the fear of death?

A feature interview with psychologist Anthony Bossis, whose work in treating existential dread with psychedelic drugs was recently documented in The New Yorker magazine. Bossis now finds himself talking about the therapeutic effects of LSD - with his mother-in-law!

They're known as the 'Flight Instructions': encouraging phrases psychologist Anthony Bossis uses to shepherd people through an hallucinogenic 'trip'.

"You're safe. We are watching your body. Feel free to go deep into the experience."

"When you confront something dark - move into it."

The flight instructions are part of a remarkable study. Physicians and clinical psychologists want to know whether psychedelic drugs can relieve anxiety about death. The results so far are extraordinary.

News of what Anthony Bossis is doing broke in a big way with a recent article in The New Yorker magazine.

Mary Hynes talks to Anthony Bossis about his success in using psychedelic drugs to deal with the distress of death.