Better ways to live with grief

Grief isn’t something you can "get over" — but guest host Christa Couture wonders if it’s something we can live with.
(Jen Squires )

I am always interested in grief.

I can't help it — after the deaths of two of my children, how other people process grief is a subject I'll always want to dig into. As guest host of Tapestry, it was a great opportunity to have this conversation with others. From the wrong thing to say or whether there's a right way to grieve, in this episode I'm looking for ways to live with loss.

— Christa Couture

If you've experienced any kind of grief in your life, you've probably heard about "The Five Stages of Grief." Psychologist David Feldman is the host of Psychology in 10 Minutes. He says moving through stages isn't actually how grief works.

Actor and comedian Cariad Lloyd hosts Griefcast — "a podcast where funny people talk about death and grief." She opens up about how the show got started and the absurdity of loss. 

Empathy Cards creator Emily McDowell has advice on what to say — and what not to say — to someone dealing with grief. 

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