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Tapestry is your guide through the messy business of being human.

You'll hear surprising conversations and rediscover your connection to something larger than yourself. 

Tapestry: your time to pause and go deep.


Mary Hynes is the host of Tapestry, CBC Radio's weekly guide through the messy business of being human. 

Tapestry's mission - to go deep - has been Mary's goal throughout her long career, in which she has worked at newspapers and wire services,  television and radio. 

Mary has covered three Olympic Games, and reported from 23 countries. She's a former sports reporter for The Globe and Mail, and a founding co-host of TVO's Studio 2. 

Mary Hynes lives in Toronto with her family and her electric basses.



Erin Noel, Senior Producer

Erin Noel (Michelle Parise)
Erin got her start at CBC Radio in 2004 in her hometown of St. John's, NL. Since moving to Toronto, she has worked as a producer and/or director on GO!, The Next Chapter, and Canada Reads. She had a blast making As It Happens' 50th anniversary radio special and hosting the holiday special Soul-searchers about the ways millennials are doing spirituality differently.

She joined Tapestry in 2015 and loves the beat.

When she's not making radio, Erin communes with nature, leads sing-along jam sessions with pals, and gets crafty. She is a proud auntie to many little people.Erin learned the power of radio early: ask her about the time she saved Cape Spear...


Rosie Fernandez, Producer 
Rosie Fernandez (Submitted by Rosie Fernandez)

Rosie Fernandez is an award-winning audio producer specializing in drama, books and storytelling. She helped create CBC Books and has worked on Canada Reads, DNTO and in Radio Drama.

Rosie created and produced specials like All the Rage with Steven Page, The Soul of Love for CBC Music, How to be Happy in the Digital Age with Jamey Ordolis, and Family Secrets with Diane Flacks.

She has written plays for the stage and radio and won a gold medal for Tapestry at the New York Festivals in 2018. 

Rosie inspired a poem and a bottle of wine called "If I had a name like Rosie Fernandez."

She also really likes fountain pens.




Arman Aghbali (Submitted by Arman Aghbali)
Arman Aghbali, Associate Producer

Arman has been at the CBC since 2015, first at Spark and Metro Morning, before moving to the CBC News' Trending team.

He first joined Tapestry in 2018, bringing a focus on identity and technology. You can hear his work in numerous personal stories: about a man who tried to start a spiritual revolution in California, a woman who confronted racism during the SARS crisis, an artist who's dating a robot, and a professor who said climate change might be the ultimate judgement on humankind.