Jerome and Navdeep: the unlikely roommates of Cape Breton

The story of how 88-year-old Jerome came to share his Cape Breton home with Navdeep, a student from India.
Jerome MacDonald and Navdeep

You never know what gifts life has in store.  That's always been true.  But in a world full of virtual connections, serendipity takes on a whole new dimension. 

Jerome MacDonald is 88-years-old. He loves his home in River Ryan, Cape Breton.  But once the vacation period ends each summer, and many of his family members return to their day-to-day lives, things get a little lonesome.

Jerome's daughter, Kim, has been encouraging him to address this loneliness in some way.

But Jerome wants to stay in his little white bungalow for as long as he can.  So he put up an ad for a roommate. 

He didn't post it in the local paper, or at the library or the Community Centre in New Waterford; he did what most people do now: he posted an ad online. 

An ad that caught the eye of a thoughtful young man who was preparing for studies at Cape Breton University.  It was particularly important for Navdeep Singh to find a good place to live; he was travelling from India. 

Now, Jerome and Navdeep are roommates.  Things seem to be going well. Their connection is turning out to be more beneficial than maybe either of them imagined.

Click LISTEN to hear Tina Pittaway's documentary about Jerome and Navdeep; an odd couple only by appearances. In truth, theirs is a fruitful friendship.