"Who do you want to be?"

David Gregory's new book is called "How's Your Faith: An Unlikely Spiritual Journey." In this candid conversation, the former NBC TV moderator opens up about cultivating his inner life while working in what he admits was an 'anti-spiritual environment'.
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"Who do you want to be? Who is it that you want to be? Because it's in these moments that you face the spiritual test."

Those are the hard questions David Gregory confronted when his work life was falling apart.  

After a stellar 20-year career in television broadcasting in the US, working as a White House correspondent and moderator of the NBC TV show Meet the Press, David found his career falling down around him.  His spiritual advisor, a Jewish scholar and rabbi named Erica Brown, asked him those questions and shifted his path through that difficult period.

We all have different sides of ourselves and different personas, but seldom do we get a glimpse of the inner, private life of public figures.  In his new book, How's Your Faith: An Unlikely Spiritual Journey, David Gregory gives a candid account of his spiritual evolution.

David was raised by a Catholic mother and Jewish father, and married a Protestant woman of strong faith.  He began his spiritual journey in earnest after they agreed that their children would be raised Jewish and David found himself the spiritual head of the family.  David has spoken with some of America's top religious leaders from many different faith groups, and he includes those conversations in his book.

David Gregory

David is an interviewer who's used to asking the hard questions. But three people have asked David questions over the years that have stuck with him and become sign posts on his spiritual path.  

When they were married and decided to raise their children Jewish, David's wife Beth asked him What do you believe?  

Several years later, when he was covering the White House, then President George W. Bush asked Gregory How's your faith?  

And his spiritual advisor, Rabbi Erica Brown, asked David Who would you be if you lost it all?  It felt hypothetical at the time, but David was forced to confront the question in earnest when he lost his job at Meet the Press

David's spiritual journey continues. He says he finds meaning and peace when lives in the questions.

"I feel like I'm in transition. The question of 'who I am' is maybe less important than 'who I am becoming'. And I'd like to believe that I'm becoming... closer to who God expects me to be." 

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