Michael Coren's change of heart: from moral conservative to social liberal

Michael Coren, once the media go-to guy for statements against same-sex marriage, gets personal about changing his mind.
Michael Coren (michaelcoren.com)

A change of heart - then a change of mind.  That's how Michael Coren describes what happened to him not so long ago.

The broadcaster and commentator has written bestselling books defending some of the more conservative teachings of the Catholic church. So it came as a great surprise to many when he recently converted to the Anglican Church, the Anglican Communion.

The primary reason was his evolving views on same-sex marriage. Once vocally opposed to it, Michael came to fully support what he refers to as "equal marriage".

Coren's change of heart was a matter of faith and experience.

"What I know best now is that where there is love there is God, and the more I saw of the gay community the more I saw that love."

But his personal transformation came at a cost, both emotional and financial.

"I soon found out that there is none so angry as a fundamentalist scorned. My critics were cruel and abusive beyond even my worst imaginings."

Coren was subject to vicious attacks about his character and his family, and he says changing his mind cost him more than half his income. But in the end, he says that doesn't matter: 

"A found soul is so much more important than a lost pay cheque."

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