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These 4 Danish words might help you better navigate life

Psychology professor Marie Helweg-Larsen shares how Danish words can help reframe stressful moments, create community, and prioritize intimacy.

How this astrophysicist and Jesuit priest balances science and spirituality

Astrophysicist and Jesuit priest Adam Hincks shares the value he's found in studying both the Bible and the Big Bang.

Harvard scholar wants to put the soul back into psychology

Psychologist David Rosmarin shares why he's trying to bring spirituality back into his profession.

This artist created an AI chatbot to talk to her younger self

Michelle Huang shares an unconventional method for advancing her own mental health and inner child work — with a little help from an AI chatbot and her childhood journal entries.

The value of wonder in a despairing world

The scholar of religion Karen Armstrong says rational thinking has brought all kinds of wondrous things to the world. But when the scientific worldview began to take over in philosophy and spirituality, something vital was lost — the sense of wonder.

Tapestry Unwinds 2022

The Tapestry team reviews memorable show moments from 2022, and plays songs that lift our spirits.

Voice from Assisi: The Humble Friar with a Record Deal

Music has been part of the Franciscan tradition for centuries - but Friar Alessandro appears to be the first one with a big record deal.

Just friends: This author wants us to rethink the way we view platonic love

Author and friendship expert Marisa Franco shares how expressions of platonic love went from sacred to salacious, why we should rethink the conventional hierarchy of love, and the value of adult friendship.

Searching for connection? Third places may be the solution

In the last few decades, cities across North America have lost many of their beloved third places — spaces outside the home or work where people can go to find community. Nathan Allebach says this problem has a lot to do with how we build our cities and who profits from our public spaces.


Sacred by design: experience a church through the eyes of a priest-turned-architect

"The perception of the whole place makes you feel in a different dimension." David Pereyra explains the architectural elements when creating a sacred space.

Hope and despair 10,000 kilometres from home

Homa Hoodfar explains the hidden meanings of the veil in Iran and Islam. Peak into our voicemail as we hear from Iranians across Canada on their hopes and fears. Kiana Karimi shares what it means to discipline your hope so it’ll be there for you when you need it most.

Mindfulness meditation with Jon Kabat-Zinn

Author and meditation teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn introduced the idea of mindfulness to a whole generation. As founder of the world-famous Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Clinic, he supports patients with chronic pain and shares the value of staying in the here and now.

How this German town kept a promise to God for 400 years

When the townspeople of Oberammergau, Germany promised God they would put on a Passion Play every decade, they were just hoping to be spared from a deadly plague. In the 400 years since, that tradition has brought people together from far and wide and holds lessons for every era in our world.

How recreating ancient recipes helps one food buff bring the past to life

Max Miller shares how food can offer a unique doorway into how human beings have — or have not — changed over the course of history. With each ancient recipe brought back to life, Miller reaches across time to sit across the dinner table from our ancestors.

Mindfulness meditation with Jon Kabat-Zinn

Author and meditation teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn shares the value of staying in the here and now and making peace with paying attention.

When remembering isn't enough, this Indigenous author calls on us to 'unforget'

Author Patty Krawec shares how going back and acknowledging harmful histories helps pave the way for a more hopeful future.

A passion for history

A German town’s Passion Play is back on to fulfill a holy promise. Max Miller, host and creator of the YouTube channel Tasting History, brings the past into the present by recreating historic dishes.

From beyond the grave to on the screen: What horror movies can teach us about being human

Author Brandon Grafius says there are spiritual lessons to be found in scary texts and something hopeful hidden in the horrifying.

We need to talk about how we talk about death

Producer Kevin Ball has long been fascinated by the way we talk about death, as if it a battle or a duel the person lost. Kevin reflects on if there's another way to talk about a person's passing.

The probability of God

The physicist Stephen Unwin says that the question of whether or not there is a God could consume every waking hour of your day. So Unwin thought, let's figure it out and then get on with life. ‘Figuring it out’ meant devising a mathematical formula to decide once and for all whether God exists.


Chris Stedman says that current fashions like the Holy Trinity Bikini hint at something more profound might be going on. The new surge of interest in Catholicism for young people online has also taken another unexpected turn with a group calling themselves “trad caths” short for “traditional Catholics," says Molly Olmstead.

The Catholic Church made majors reforms 60 years ago. These Catholics want to see them rolled back.

The new surge of interest in Catholicism for young people online has also taken another unexpected turn with a group calling themselves “trad caths” short for “traditional Catholics.” Molly Olmstead, a practicing Catholic and journalist, warns against returning to a more conservative church, because of how dangerously political religion can become.

This woman says she feels love differently since her heart transplant. She wants to know why

After a potentially life-saving heart transplant, Anne Marie Switzer experienced unexpected changes to her tastes and even how she feels love. Some researchers have controversially suggested a donor organ can retain or even transfer its original owner's personality or memories to a recipient.

How religion helped shape Dungeons & Dragons

As the Satanic panic boiled over in the 1980s, Dungeons & Dragons was one of the many once innocuous activities pulled under suspicion. One religion scholar says while D&D definitely isn't satanic, there are religious elements that make the tabletop game special.

The gospel according to Dungeons & Dragons

Religion scholar Joseph Laycock says that even though D&D was once a source of a moral panic, there is nothing satanic about it. Tapestry producer Arman Aghbali brings us the story of one player's attempt to resurrect his character and the spiritual challenge that occurred along the way.