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Tapestry@25: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu, and now, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. The Templeton Prize is given annually to someone who has made a profound spiritual contribution to the world. Rabbi Sacks received the honour this year for working to end religious violence and affirming the spiritual dimension of life.

Tapestry@25: Sufi rock star Salman Ahmad

Salman Ahmad is a Pakistani-American musician best known for his Sufi rock. He describes his sound as "Led Zeppelin meets Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan."

Tapestry@25: writer Patricia Pearson

According to Patricia Pearson, about fifty percent of the bereaved sense the presence of the dead. Her book is called, Opening Heaven's Door: What The Dying May Be Trying to Tell Us About Where They're Going.

Tapestry@25: geneticist Francis Collins

Dr. Francis Collins is the geneticist who directed the Human Genome Project mapping DNA, which he calls the "first glimpse of our own instruction book, previously known only to God." He was an atheist until a simple question from a patient changed everything he believed.

Tapestry@25: Writer and speaker Ijeoma Oluo

Ijeoma Oluo, author of So You Want To Talk About Race, wants to change the conversation about racial oppression. She says that racism is about much more than overt acts of hate.

How one interracial couple learned to talk about race

Andrea Chiu sometimes struggled to get her white wife to understand her perspective on race. Then they read Ijeoma Oluo’s best-selling book, So You Want To Talk About Race.

Soundtrack for the soul

At this time of physical isolation and uncertainty, music can offer a powerful balm. Tapestry is crowdsourcing songs that will lift your spirits and calm your nerves.

Being the Change Part 1

Ijeoma Oluo talks to host Mary Hynes about race — namely, how hard and needed those conversations are. Oluo, author of So You Want to Talk About Race, discusses where these conversations go wrong.

Tapestry@25: civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson

When Bryan Stevenson was asked to come up with a seven-word bio for a public appearance recently, he offered this: "Broken by poverty, injustice, condemnation. But hopeful." He is the author of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption.

How to ethically navigate the pandemic's new normal as restrictions begin to lift

Throughout Canada, physical distancing restrictions are lifting and more people are venturing out and visiting friends and family. But trying to be a good person in the new normal can be challenging and disorienting. Philosopher Alice MacLachlan and moral psychologist Azim Shariff offer some ethical guidance.

Fictional characters can inspire real world courage and virtue, scholar says

When you’re feeling trapped or demoralized by the pandemic, scholar Joy Clarkson says fictional characters on quests — like Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings — can inspire bravery. Clarkson says it’s more than wilful blindness; having a vision of heroism can be a guide in hard times.

Navigating the moral maze of the pandemic, music for the soul

In our new COVID-19 world, decisions that were once easy — going to the park, visiting friends and family — are suddenly more complex and morally fraught. Philosopher Alice MacLaughlin and moral psychologist Azim Shariff offer some ethical guidance. Plus, a new addition to our Soundtrack for the Soul

Sports, Star Trek and the meaning of life: Dr. Brian Goldman gets personal

In the Before Times, Mary Hynes and Brian Goldman were work pals. We called Dr. Goldman to talk about our Soundtrack for the Soul — the playlist of songs giving people life right now — but the script went out the window and the two started talking from the heart.

Fictional characters inspire real-world virtues, BC salon owner offers music for the soul

Frodo Baggins, Odysseus, Dante. Three characters on epic, dangerous quests. According to scholar Joy Clarkson, reading stories like theirs can inspire strength and courage in people during hard times. Plus, we check in with BC salon owner Tanya Sullivan — before and after the pandemic shutdown — and discover what music is keeping her afloat.

The power of perfume: how scent connects one woman to her homeland

Nehal El-Hadi believes the power of smell can be better-harnessed to create a mood, evoke memory and maintain a connection to people and places.When her first child was born, she reached for sandalwood, a scent that reminds her of her birthplace in Sudan, in hopes of instilling a love for it with her daughter too.

Blue Jays commentator calls elderly fans across Canada to check in during pandemic

Blue Jays baseball commentator Jamie Campbell used to joke with fans that if someone wanted him to call their Jays-loving relative, he would. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s made it a daily ritual to phone fans across the country.

Dr. Brian Goldman gets personal, Blue Jays commentator phones fans, the power of scent

Mary speaks to her work pal Dr. Brian Goldman about pandemic life and the music that’s lifting his spirits. Blue Jays announcer Jamie Campbell calls elderly fans during the pandemic to ward off loneliness. When Nehal El-Hadi gave birth to her first child, she reached for the sandalwood oil to pass on a connection with her Sudanese culture.

How K-pop band BTS is helping fans a world away navigate identity and hardship

The seven member boy band, who sing and rap mostly in Korean, share a coming of age story in their lyrics that has their fans thinking about representation, self-esteem and hope.

Why this single mom of 3 in the Northwest Territories moved her family off-grid during the pandemic

Normally, Melaw Nakehk'o lives in a townhouse in Yellowknife with her three boys. But when the Northwest Territories implemented self-distancing measures in response to the coronavirus, Nakehk'o took it as a cue to gather her sons and her parents together ━ and head into the bush.

Healing power of K-pop, pandemic playtime, music for the soul

Korean boy band BTS has legions of devoted fans known as ARMY. In her documentary, CBC producer - and self-professed ARMY - Jane van Koeverden explores why the connection between BTS and its fans is so deep. Hint: their loyalty is based on much more than just catchy music. Escape room owner Ibrahim Faruqui talks about the importance of play during the pandemic. Stan Halbesma, owner of a rural Manitoba grocery store, offers music for the soul.

Tapestry@25: miracle investigator Randall Sullivan

It began as a piece of investigative journalism into so-called miracles — visions of the Virgin Mary in Oregon and Medugorje. But it turned into a harrowing chapter of Randall Sullivan’s life… and the skeptic became a believer.

Journalist turned believer Randall Sullivan, new music for your soul

We revisit an unforgettable interview from 2006 with journalist Randall Sullivan as part of our Tapestry@25 celebrations. Sullivan began investigating purported miracles — sightings of the Virgin Mary — as an assignment for Rolling Stone magazine. It took him from a trailer in Oregon to the hillsides of Medugorje and eventually led to a harrowing chapter of his life… that turned him from a skeptic to a believer. Plus a new addition to Tapestry’s Soundtrack for the Soul.

'Strong black woman' trope does more harm than good, says youth minister

As a Baptist minister and youth advocate, Khristi Adams says that young black women and girls often struggle with the belief they can’t be anything but fierce. She’s the author of Parable of the Brown Girl, in which she chronicles her experience working with black girls coming of age.

NWT family self-isolates on the land during pandemic, the sacred lives of black girls

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began, Dene artist Melaw Nakehk’o packed up her three sons, left their home in Yellowknife, and set up camp with her parents along the Dehcho River. She says physical distancing in town left her feeling disconnected, but isolating on the land gave her family an opportunity to reconnect with their traditional lifestyle and each other. Khristi Lauren Adams is an ordained Baptist minister and youth advocate who has devoted her life to working with young black women and girls. She says they often struggle with the belief they can’t be anything but fierce. She works to help them feel ‘seen’ and cultivate their self-acceptance.

'Lower your expectations' and other practical advice for parents during COVID-19

Trying to work, parent, home-school the kids, put three meals on the table every day, keep the house clean AND keep your sanity in check? Ann Douglas is a writer who specializes in parenting issues. She offers moral support and honest advice to parents struggling during COVID-19 isolation.