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MrBeast's charitable efforts have helped thousands. But is his approach to philanthropy problematic?

MrBeast's online videos are all about giving back. It's predicted that he will soon be Youtube's first billionaire, and he has spent millions helping those in need. But on a platform where engagement matters more than anything, is it really charity if it benefits content creators?

Moving beyond sophistication

Former president of The Oblate School of Theology, Ron Rolheiser is known as an important voice in spirituality today. He spoke about discussing the spiritual with the secular. And what it means to move beyond the supposed sophistication of atheism.

Virtual therapy made real

John Francis Leader is a psychologist at University College Dublin. He leads a project that uses virtual reality as a therapeutic tool for patients. Plus, Fay Nugent had a serious fear of heights for years. Her life changed after learning about a clinical trial for VR therapy at Oxford University.

Finding poetry in the real world

Anis Mojgani is the poet laureate of Oregon and the creator of the Tele-poem Hotline, a phone line that through April, delivered a new poem each day through the phone lines. Anis and several Canadian poet laureates discuss that feeling of receiving and finding poetry in the real world — and what we lose when we ignore poetry.

How the Holy Grail went from medieval myth to consumer catchphrase

From the Last Supper to the latest eyeliner, author and scholar Juliette Wood shares how the Holy Grail has maintained a place in popular culture through the centuries.

Gender-fluid dressing could lead to renaissance in fashion, says advocate

Until now, a lot of forays into genderless fashion have been subdued and shapeless, featuring neutral colours and boxy silhouettes. The author and activist behind the #DeGenderFashion movement says a truly gender-fluid approach to dressing could allow room for a much more expressive wardrobe.

From sermons to cartoons

After 30 years as a pastor, David Hayward left the pulpit to pursue his passion for art. Known as NakedPastor on social media, Hayward left the ministry only to find himself filling a similar role online. Now Hayward offers spiritual guidance in the form of his controversial cartoons.

Why Ramadan is a TV executive's dream in the Middle East

Scholar Ahmad Hayat shares how Ramadan sets the stage for a unique period of intense television consumption.

Why restlessness can be a kind of gift, according to a spiritual director

Author Casey Tygrett shares why he believes a restless season can help us figure out the best way forward.

'The Nap Bishop' explains why rest is a form of radical resistance

According to Tricia Hersey, rest is a form of resistance because it disrupts and pushes back against the expectations of capitalism and the history of white supremacy.

Why 'pen and paper' journaling can be a spiritual act in a digital world

Rowena Sunga is a mother of five and an entrepreneur. She says for her, writing down her lists and journaling on paper is far more fulfilling than any digital tools could be.


A beautiful text: How Arabic calligraphy illustrates faith

“I think if we’re not doing things with our hands, we are not really living to our fullest capability.” Trained in Arabic and Western calligraphy, Salman Khattak says writing is a spiritual practice.

Still seeking your soul mate? 'One' is a whole number, says psychologist

Many of us are taught from a young age that marriage is the key to happiness. But what if this commonly held belief isn’t true? Social psychologist Bella DePaulo breaks down the stereotypes about single life.

Good Cop/Bad Cop: Why cop shows make for complicated entertainment

Following the George Floyd protests across the world last year, television shows about police officers have become, for many viewers, a lot more complicated to watch. Media researcher Tiara Sukhan breaks down the line between reality and escapism.

How St. Brigit became a powerful feminist symbol in Ireland

The Irish were searching for a divine female figure who could empower women, and who would counteract the violence done in the name of Christianity. Brigit of Kildare became that powerful symbol.

Using psychedelics to treat racial trauma

Monnica Williams has spent years researching the impact of psychedelics in treating racial trauma. At the University of Ottawa, Williams and her team are bringing that research to the classroom.

Why a midlife crisis can lead to rebirth — and perhaps even greatness

Andrew Jamieson argues that a midlife crisis can be a desperately needed stage in an individual's evolution, leading to a rebirth.


Andrew Jamieson had a loving family and a successful business. But when Andrew hit midlife, midlife hit back! He got through it with the help of a lot of therapy. Now a therapist himself and the author Midlife: Humanity’s Secret Weapon, Andrew shares how a midlife crisis can be a kind of rebirth.

Parenting with Dorsa Amir

Wherever the word ‘parenting’ is found, judgment and guilt and stress won’t be far behind. Dorsa Amir offers what she calls “anti-advice” to parents.

How The Lord of the Rings became a symbol for Italy's far right

On its surface, The Lord of the Rings is often read as a story about an epic battle between good and evil. But in the decades since it was first published, the series has taken many different meanings, including for neo-fascists in Italy who have adopted it as a potent symbol of their beliefs.

Connecting to our roots: the spirituality of trees

Nalini Nadkarni is a canopy biologist who has always found sanctuary in trees. Beyond her scientific studies, she’s extolled the spiritual benefits of being around our flora friends – a feeling that’s prevailed across many religions.

These 4 Danish words might help you better navigate life

Psychology professor Marie Helweg-Larsen shares how Danish words can help reframe stressful moments, create community, and prioritize intimacy.

How this astrophysicist and Jesuit priest balances science and spirituality

Astrophysicist and Jesuit priest Adam Hincks shares the value he's found in studying both the Bible and the Big Bang.

Harvard scholar wants to put the soul back into psychology

Psychologist David Rosmarin shares why he's trying to bring spirituality back into his profession.

This artist created an AI chatbot to talk to her younger self

Michelle Huang shares an unconventional method for advancing her own mental health and inner child work — with a little help from an AI chatbot and her childhood journal entries.