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Introducing Tai Asks Why

4 years ago
Duration 1:50
Introducing Tai Asks Why

Tai Poole is trying to find answers to life's biggest questions. What happens after we die? What is love? How can we fix climate change? He may not solve them all, but give him a break ... he's only 11 years old.

Join Tai as he heads to coffee shops, universities and playgrounds seeking answers. His conversations with everyone from NASA experts to his little brother will expand your mind and touch your heart. 

Tai Asks Why is an award-winning podcast for kids and families. In 2019, Tai won Best Host in a Series at the Canadian Podcast Awards. Tai Asks Why also won the 2019 People's Voice Webby Award in the Kids & Family podcast category. In 2020,  the show won Gold for Best Education Podcast at the New York Festivals Radio Awards.

Meet the host

(Yasmine Mathurin/CBC)

Tai Poole is a frustrated 7th-grader who is always searching for answers. He has represented Canada twice in the World Mathematics Olympiad. He is an accomplished pianist and a dedicated swimmer. Born in Vietnam, Tai moved to Canada when he was three and has remained a world traveler with an insatiable curiosity. And you might remember him from his appearance as a guest on Sook-Yin Lee's podcast Sleepover

Meet the producers

(Veronica Simmonds)

Veronica Simmonds is an award-winning audio maker. She produced the critically acclaimed podcasts Sleepover, Alone: A Love Story and The Fridge Light. Described by THIS Magazine as a "Sonic Sorceress," her documentaries have aired on CBC Ideas, Spark and The Doc Project and internationally on ABC and BBC. Veronica is the show runner and lead producer on Tai Asks Why.

Amanda Buckiewicz (Mike Brown)

Amanda Buckiewicz is a science journalist and filmmaker. Her work has appeared on CBC's Quirks & Quarks, The Documentary Channel, BBC Earth, Smithsonian and Discovery Channel. Amanda is a producer on season two and three of Tai Asks Why.

(Judy Ziyi Gu)

Judy Ziyi Gu is a writer and audio producer. Raised in Qingdao, China and educated in New York, they had a string of odd jobs as translator, theatre stagehand, and letterpress apprentice. Their work has appeared on the CBC and The Walrus. Judy is a producer on season three of Tai Asks Why.

(Yasmine Mathurin)

Yasmine Mathurin is a multimedia journalist and filmmaker. She has worked on CBC's podcasts The Shadows and Personal Best, CBC Books, The Doc Project and the Atkinson Foundation's Just Work It podcast. Yasmine was a producer on season one of Tai Asks Why.