Tai Asks Whywith Tai Poole


This is why songs get stuck in your head - even when you don't like them

Whether it’s the beat of an opening riff or a random mix of words from the chorus, 99 per cent of people admit to getting songs stuck in their heads. So what is it about certain songs that make them so catchy?

Why the night sky is so dark - even when it's full of stars

Considering there are trillions of stars in the universe and counting, it seems a bit odd that the universe isn’t just a blinding ball of light. Tai Poole finds out why space is so dark.

Here's why some animals survived the dinosaur-killing asteroid strike

As consequences of climate change become more evident, Tai is fixating on how to survive the apocalypse. Three quarters of the plant and animal species on earth couldn’t survive the last mass extinction event—including dinosaurs. Tai learns from the animals that did.

Here's why people bully - and how we can stop it

Find out the science behind bullying, between humans, animals, and plants, and how to stop it

Close your textbooks. 'Podcasts In Class' switches up the lesson plan

Six episodes of the podcasts Tai Asks Why and The Secret Life of Canada have been adapted into classroom-ready lessons, complete with slideshows, videos, activities, and even homework.

Why deja vu happens, and why it's a good thing.

Our memories are constantly accumulating information to figure out what’s useful and what isn’t. Deja vu is just your brain fact-checking that information.

From light flashes to back pats: here's what animals are saying to each other

Humans have long tried to teach animals to understand our language. But what about humans learning animal languages?

Tai Asks Why is coming back for Season 2, plus we're looking for questions

New episodes out this August.

How will we fix climate change?

"If we know what the problem is and we know that it's bad ... then we must be doing everything we can to stop it, right?"

Which is cooler, zero or infinity?

"There are numbers we just can't comprehend, like zero and infinity. They're both kind of the ultimate mind bogglers."

Why do we dream?

“Dreams are like these movies that our brain is working really hard to make every night while we’re sleeping — but why?"

What happens after you die?

“The soul shouldn’t just be wasted. It should be repurposed.”

Should we trust our gut?

“If the foods that we eat can impact our brain and our memories, then do you think if we eat different foods we will become different people?”

What is love?

“Love is this powerful force that takes over our body and bends it to its will. That’s actually really scary. How does that work?”