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A Song I Remember - an Allison Devereaux documentary

Sixty years ago, a little Dene boy alone at a mission hospital heard a rare Christmas carol that gave him comfort. Now, thanks to a choir outside Edmonton, he has his own recording of it.
Sheet music for "Le fils du Roi de gloire", the very special Christmas carol that linked Gerry Goudreau and Alex Tambour
Gerry Goudreau performing "Le Fils du Roi de gloire" with his mother in 2003, at the Hay River library.
Alex Tambour with Lexi Lafferty (seated on floor) at the Hay River Reserve daycare (Allison Devereaux/CBC)
The traditions of Christmas connect us to the past, present and future - the crunching of snow, the smell of pine needles and the traditional music heard once a year. 

"A Song I Remember" is the story of two men who lived very different lives, but share a meaningful connection to a particular carol. Alex Tambour spent his childhood in a residential school and a mission hospital in Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories. Gerry Goudreau grew up in Beaumont, Alberta, but lived in Hay River, Northwest Territories, for many years before returning home.

In this documentary, Allison Devereaux brings us the story of how this obscure French carol, "Le fils du Roi de gloire," unites the two men.  It is also the story of the powerful gift one gives the other, just in time for Christmas.


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