The Sunday Magazine

The Sunday Magazine for September 4, 2022

We walk through the summer political playbook with Kelly Cryderman and Matt Gurney, Alexandra Lange tells us why malls are still relevant, Omar Mouallem explores how Muslims shaped the Americas, and we present the fourth and final chapter of CBC's original podcast Sorry About the Kid.
Elamin Abdelmahmoud is a prolific podcaster and a familiar voice on CBC Radio. (CBC)

This week on The Sunday Magazine with guest host Elamin Abdelmahmoud:

A new session, a new leader and some big issues

Political columnists Matt Gurney and Kelly Cryderman join guest host Elamin Abdelmahmoud to take the country's political temperature after a summer that began with chaos in airports and ended with a cabinet shuffle, and soon, the selection of a new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the official opposition. They weigh in on the summer that was and what lies ahead for the fall parliamentary session. 

Back to school, back to the mall 

With school returning, a trip to the mall is in the offing for many families. In her new book, Meet Me by the Fountain: An Inside History of the Mall, architecture and design critic Alexandra Lange makes her case for how malls have helped to create community and remain relevant, despite long-standing tensions about their role in society and the changing nature of commerce. 

Omar Mouallem's post 9/11 coming of age story

In his book, Praying to the West: How Muslims Shaped the Americas Edmonton-based writer Omar Mouallem tells little-known stories -- from the enslaved African Muslims who revolted against the Brazilian government, to the women who led the fight to preserve Canada's first purpose-built mosque as a heritage site -- as an antidote to anti-Muslim hate. He tells Piya Chattopadhyay about travelling to 13 remarkable mosques to uncover the history of Muslim communities and how, along the way, he discovered his own relationship to the faith after coming of age in a post-9/11 era.

Podcast |  Sorry About the Kid | Chapter 4: "Macho Man Ninja"

The CBC original podcast Sorry About the Kid finds host Alex McKinnon unearthing his childhood grief surrounding the death of his brother Paul, who was killed by a speeding police car 30 years ago. In Chapter Four: A distracting obsession, an unexpected letter, and a controversial method of regaining lost memories. Plus, a final message from Paul.

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