The Sunday Magazine

The Sunday Magazine for November 6, 2022

We explore the role water plays in climate change as COP 27 kicks off, historians evaluate the state of American democracy, we chart Florida's shift away from swing state status, and our monthly brain game That's Puzzling! continues.
Piya Chattopadhyay is host of The Sunday Magazine. (CBC)

This week on The Sunday Magazine with Piya Chattopadhyay:

Water woes top the COP 27 agenda in Egypt

Climate scientists, diplomats and protesters are gathering in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt for COP 27, the United Nations' annual climate change conference. Since the last summit in Glasgow, the world has seen unprecedented flooding in Pakistan, a deepening drought in northern Africa and accelerated sea ice melting in Canada's north. Among the climate scientists observing the meetings will be the University of British Columbia's Simon Donner. He joins Chattopadhyay to break down what he expects at the conference and explain the role Canada should play in helping disaster-hit countries adapt to worsening water crises.

The historians President Biden looks to for guidance

This week's upcoming midterm elections may feel like an unprecedented moment for American democracy. But the country's been through crises before. That's why United States President Joe Biden has been reaching out to several American historians for their perspectives from the past, and guidance on the future. We hear from Sean Wilentz and Allida Black, who were among the historians who gathered at the White House to offer their insights.

Inside the 'Disney World for seniors' that's helping turn Florida red

It's not just the House and the Senate that are up for grabs in this week's American midterm elections. Some see Florida's future as a critical "swing state" in the balance as well. But it's been getting "redder" in recent years, thanks in large part to a wave of baby boomers retiring down south. The Sunday Magazine producer Pete Mitton visits the largest retirement community of them all, called The Villages, and hears from Republicans, Democrats, and United States Senator Marco Rubio inside this so-called "Disney World for seniors."

That's Puzzling! for November 2022

In our monthly challenge That's Puzzling!, Chattopadhyay competes against one familiar voice and one clever listener in a battle of brain games devised by puzzle master Peter Brown. Playing along this week are Midland, Ont. listener Kim-Eden English and Jeff Douglas, host of CBC Radio's Halifax afternoon show, Mainstreet.

Can you judge a book by its cover?

What is it about the appearance of a drugstore paperback thriller, or that abstract, colourful look of literary fiction that can so accurately convey what a book's about? On the eve of the Giller Prize, authors Omar El Akkad and Naben Ruthnum share the experience of having a work of fiction translated into cover art, while industry insiders Jaya Miceli and Brigid Pearson discuss what it's like to create cover art that catches the eye and communicates a sense of story.


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