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The Sunday Magazine for June 19, 2022

David Frum dives into the January 6 hearings, tennis star Bianca Andreescu serves up some life advice for kids (and adults), we uncover the politics of sleep, discover how unique animal senses shape their worlds and share one writer's journey to saying 'I love you, dad'.
Piya Chattopadhyay is host of The Sunday Magazine. (CBC)

This week on The Sunday Magazine with Piya Chattopadhyay:

What the Jan. 6 hearings have revealed and where they might lead

A United States House select committee is exposing more details about what exactly happened leading up to and during the Capitol riots on Jan. 6, 2021. Political commentator and staff writer at The Atlantic David Frum joins Chattopadhyay to make sense of what we've been hearing and seeing, what the testimony might accomplish and what impact it could have on the next election.

In today's economy, sleep has become a luxury many can't afford

Are you getting good sleep? Bad sleep? No sleep? It's one of society's biggest divides right now, and COVID-19 has only made it starker. Of course, the night shift has always been with us, but new trends in the world of work like app-based delivery, ride-share gigs, and automated scheduling in restaurants and retail mean more and more of us are getting by with little, or irregular sleep. And the consequences are real – for individual health and society. Is it time to think of sleep as a justice issue? The Sunday Magazine producer Pete Mitton explores the politics of sleep. 

Bianca Andreescu on rising to the top of the tennis world, and how she stays grounded

After rocketing up the Women's Tennis Association rankings in 2019, Canadian tennis phenom Bianca Andreescu has had a tough couple of years, between injuries, COVID-19 cancelling much of the 2020 season and personal struggles. Now, Andreescu is sharing some of her story about growing up as a child athlete. She tells Chattopadhyay she hopes her new children's book, Bibi's Got Game, helps kids deal with setbacks, feeling like an outsider and wanting to quit. After taking some time off in 2022 to "re-set, recover and grow," Andreescu now feels her mental health is in the best shape possible to make her mark, once again, on the WTA tour.

From whiskers to flippers, what animal senses teach us about our world 

Have you ever watched a cat skitter through some seemingly invisible obstacle course that happens to be in your living room and wondered: what is happening in their world? Or maybe you've questioned what your dog gets out of sniffing, well... everything!  Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist Ed Yong sheds some light on those questions, and many more, in his new book An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us. He speaks with Chattopadhyay about the surprising ways animals navigate the world, and what we can learn from their journey. 

A Father's Day reflection on expressing love

How do you show love? On this Father's Day, it's a question worth asking. For writer and artist Pik-Shuen Fung there was a lot of showing and not so much telling when it came to love and affection with her dad. Her experience growing up in a Chinese family in Canada shaped her first novel, Ghost Forest. Fung shares her experience, along with an excerpt from her book — inspired by her own journey of finding the words and hearing the unspoken ways her family expressed love. 

Note: Audio from this episode will be available Sunday afternoon.

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