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The Sunday Magazine for July 17, 2022

What measures we need to employ during a new surge of COVID cases, Jaivet Ealom's escape from Manus Island, how the B.C. Wildfire Service prevents mental health burnout, and we present the third episode of CBC's original podcast The Flamethrowers.
Helen Mann is guest host of The Sunday Magazine. (Helen Mann)

This week on The Sunday Magazine with guest host Helen Mann:

New variants, new vaccines & new questions

With cases spiking across the country and two provinces in the midst a new COVID-19 wave, new measures such as access to boosters, vaccines for kids under the age of five and airport testing are being rolled out. Leading virologist Angela Rasmussen breaks down how COVID-19 variants are born, how they're combated by boosters and what lessons and measures we need to employ now in order to manage our health and the strain on our health-care system.

He escaped Myanmar and Manus Island to find a new home in Canada

As a member of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar, Javiet Ealom faced violence and persecution from the government. In search of a better life, he boarded a boat with other asylum seekers. But rather than finding refuge, he was detained at one of Australia's notorious offshore detention centres in Papua New Guinea — the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre. After three years in the overcrowded, unsanitary and 'soul-crushing' facility, Jaivet planned and executed what would be the only successful escape from the prison. He speaks with Mann about his perilous journey, his new life in Canada and his new memoir, Escape from Manus Prison: One Man's Daring Quest for Freedom.

Wildfires are changing. So is the mental toll they take on firefighters

Wildfire fighters are under pressure. Fires are more intense. More people live in what was once wilderness. And the off-season is busy with floods and other natural disasters. So after a series of devastating fire seasons, the B.C. Wildfire Service made mental health a priority. Now alongside axes, hoses and tents --- fire camps feature therapy dogs and athletic therapists. It's all part of a larger strategy to keep firefighters safe and healthy as they face what's still to come.

The Flamethrowers: The Information Wars

Hosted by Justin Ling, the CBC original podcast The Flamethrowers tracks the rise of American right wing radio from fringe preachers and conspiracy peddlers of the 1930s to the political firestorm that rages today. In episode three, a horrifying act of domestic terrorism brings right wing radio some unwanted attention, which pushes one fan of the supernatural away from politics, while a pair of anti-government broadcasters dig in their heels.

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