The Sunday Magazine

The Sunday Magazine for August 28, 2022

We probe the rules governing space ahead of NASA's latest moon mission, Joshua Whitehead argues for a more caring and respectful approach to storytelling, and Maude Barlow reflects on a lifetime of activism.
Elamin Abdelmahmoud is guest host of The Sunday Magazine. (CBC)

This week on The Sunday Magazine with guest host Elamin Abdelmahmoud:

NASA to kick off a new space race with lunar launch

NASA is embarking on the first in a series of new moon missions, with the launch of Artemis I on Monday. It's being heralded as a stepping stone to future Mars missions. But alongside excitement about the scientific possibilities comes concern over the geopolitical fallout. Cassandra Steer, an expert in space governance and law at Australian National University, joins Abdelmahmoud to discuss the rules that govern space – and how the United States may be rewriting them.

Joshua Whitehead wants us to rethink how we talk to artists about trauma

When Joshua Whitehead was writing his first novel, Jonny Appleseed, he had a small, queer Indigenous audience in mind. But the book went on to become a bestseller, picking up literary prizes and winning CBC's Canada Reads. Now, Whitehead says it's time readers, journalists and academics start rethinking how we interrogate Indigenous authors about their work. In his new non-fiction collection of essays, Making Love with the Land, the two-spirit Oji-Cree storyteller from Peguis First Nation in Manitoba addresses all the uncomfortable and harmful questions he was asked in the wake of Jonny Appleseed. He joins Abdelmahmoud to argue for a more caring and respectful approach to storytelling and story sharing.

Lessons from a lifetime of activism and the keys to not giving up

As a leader in Canada's women's movement, Maude Barlow helped score victory after victory. But when her activism moved to combating globalization and the dominant economic narratives of our time, she had to dig deep to find hope. We revisit Piya Chattopadhyay's conversation with the author and activist about her book Still Hopeful: Lessons from a Lifetime of Activism, and how to build an activist movement for the long haul.

Podcast |  Sorry About the Kid | Chapter 3: "Ghost"

The CBC original podcast Sorry About the Kid finds host Alex McKinnon unearthing his childhood grief surrounding the death of his brother Paul, who was killed by a speeding police car 30 years ago. In Chapter Three, Alex and his grief counsellor, Yvonne, dive into one memory of Paul that Alex never forgot and try to trigger others. Plus, Alex's parents discover that some of their own memories are not what they seem.

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