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The Sunday Edition — September 9, 2018

Listen to this week's episode with host Michael Enright.

On this week's episode with host Michael Enright:

Michael's essay: Canada's so-called 'refugee crisis' is not real
"There was one underlying problem with the crisis. Nobody could find it. Nobody could describe it or faithfully analyze its constituent parts."

What does Pope Francis need to do to restore the church's moral authority?
We look at the revelations coming out of Pennsylvania, and the reverberations from Pope Francis's visit to Ireland, with four guests.

A Korean-Canadian opera singer rediscovers her voice in small-town Saskatchewan​
Jaesook Ahn helps her husband run a grocery store in Eastend (population: 503). When David Gutnick discovered that Jaesook, now known as Jenny, was once an opera singer in South Korea, he convinced her to let him record a couple of songs in private. But then the neighbours found out.  David's documentary is called, "How Jenny Got Her Voice Back." There were tears.

The Swamp, Part 1: The enduring power of Trumpism
We begin a 4-part series leading up to the American midterm elections, which many say will be the most consequential in American history. Despite mounting scandals, investigations, and the guilty pleas and criminal convictions of his associates, U.S. President Donald Trump's approval rating remains in the low 40's. We examine why his base remains fiercely loyal, and why those who oppose his presidency appear to be failing in their efforts to discredit him. Michael talks to David Bromwich, professor of English at Yale University.

The forgotten real-life story behind Lolita
In 1948, an 11-year-old girl named Sally Horner was kidnapped by a convicted rapist who made her pretend to be his daughter. Her ordeal inspired Vladimir Nabokov's controversial novel Lolita - but Sally's story has been forgotten, and she died before she had a chance to tell it herself. Michael speaks with Sarah Weinman, the author of The Real Lolita: The Kidnapping of Sally Horner and the Novel That Scandalized the World.

Newfoundland writers Joel Thomas Hynes, Wayne Johnston and Bridget Canning onstage at the Winterset literary festival
Michael Enright is a regular at the Winterset in Summer Festival in Eastport, Newfoundland. We bring you an excerpt from his conversations with the three finalists for the BMO Winterset Award.

And now...Here's Max! Twenty years ago this week, Max Ferguson signed off from CBC Radio for the last time. We mark the occasion with a brief excerpt from the final episode of The Max Ferguson Show.