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An independent bookstore bucks the trend and thrives, with a little help from down on the farm

Ira Basen's documentary is called "Our Bookstore, Our Shelves."
Samantha Haskell, owner of Blue Hill Books, an independent bookstore in Maine

Here are two words we don't often hear in the same sentence anymore: "bookstore" and "thriving."

All across North America, independent booksellers are struggling to survive in the age of screens and Amazon to make a living in what has always been a tough business.

Along the picturesque southern coast of Maine, local bookstores have been closing in disheartening numbers. But in the small town of Blue Hill, there's good news.

The bookstore there is indeed thriving, thanks in part to an inventive business model with surprising roots. 

Ira Basen was in Maine this past summer. Here's his documentary, "Our Bookstore, Our Shelves." 

Click 'listen' above to hear the full documentary.