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Inside the inky world of fountain pen lovers

Fountain pens are alive and well in the digital age; in fact, the market for fountain pens was a billion dollars in 2016. Aparita Bhandari explores the passion for pens in her documentary, "Down The Rabbit Hole."
Fountain pens will never go out of style. (Pens and Pints/Facebook)

Fountain pens are holy instruments. They command attention without ostentation, respect without intimidation, affection without obsequiousness. The great men and women of history used fountain pens. And they would gladly walk to the gibbet before touching a ball point.

Because fountain pen love is no antiquated affectation. Nor a refuge for the enemies of progress. The fascination with fountain pens are alive and well in the digital age. In 2016, that fascination fed a billion dollar market.
Aparita Bhandari has done her small part to add to sales figures.

Salman Khattak is known as the "nibmeister" of the Pens and Pints club. (Submitted by Aparita Bhandari)

She felt it was time to meet some brother and sister enthusiasts. It was a chance to explore their passion for fine writing instruments and to try to understand her own.

For her documentary "Down The Rabbit Hole," Aparita Bhandari spent time with a Toronto-based fountain pen fan club called Pens and Pints.
Freelance broadcaster Aparita Bhandari

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