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The Sunday Edition — June 10, 2018

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On this week's episode: 

Michael's essay: Public vulgarity is nothing new, and vulgar words aren't all created equal
"What Samantha Bee said about Ivanka Trump was crude, hurtful and unwarranted. It was name-calling in the traditional sense. Calling a black American an ape runs much deeper."

How Ford Nation and buck-a-beer populism carried Doug Ford to victory
The Globe's John Ibbitson, Robert Fisher, who has been covering Ontario elections since 1981, and the Toronto Star's Kristin Rushowy join Michael for an Ontario election postmortem.

A B.C. experiment in cohousing, has become an adventure in co-caring 
When documentary producer Karin Wells first visited Harbourside, it was a dream about to become a reality for the people who worked so hard to make it happen. This time, they have three years of living together under their belts. There have been some surprises - sad and happy. But the place is flourishing.

Changing the way we work to build a more livable society
Part 2 in our series of interviews with Peter Fleming, author of The Death of Homo Economicus: Work, Debt and the Myth of Endless Accumulation. Fleming says our humanity has been eclipsed by our economic value, and that we are seen by government and business alike as simply assets or liabilities. In this episode, he talks to Michael about the nature of work today, and the road to a better way of life.

Being bipolar is not the sum total of who I am, nor is it a life sentence
Miriam Edelson
has contended with family history, personal politics, and a whole lot of pain. She has finally figured out how to come out the other side.

Trump killed the Iran nuclear deal. So how's he going to get one with North Korea?
Jessica Mathews
says when it comes to trying to contain the nuclear ambitions of rogue states like Iran and North Korea, diplomacy is the only option. It's slow, frustrating and produces less-than-perfect results. But every other option is worse. Ms. Mathews is a distinguished fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Meet the first black woman to ski to the North Pole: Barbara Hillary
Barbara Hillary
has some advice for retired people. Do something. And surround yourself with interesting people. She took her own advice, and at the age of 75, she became the first black woman to ski to the North Pole.

Your reaction to:  Jim Roots and deaf unemployment; Amanda Byrd's essay, "Smile Girl, You're in Court."

Music this week by: The Creaking Tree String Quartet, the Michel Donato Trio, Marian McPartland, Canadian singer-songwriter Coco Love Alcorn, Dmitri Shostakovich, the Rakish Angles and the Blind Boys of Alabama.