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The Sunday Edition — July 8, 2018

Listen to this week's episode with guest host Gillian Findlay.
Listen to this week's episode. (Erin Marie Byrnes; Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images; Jule Malet-Veale.)

On this week's Sunday Edition with guest-host Gillian Findlay:

This searing novel about domestic violence is a damning exposé of India's big problem​​
Meena Kandasamy is an award-winning Indian poet, writer and activist. Her novel, 'When I Hit You: Or A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife', is as much memoir as it is fiction, inspired by her own violent marriage.

'Excommunicate me from the church of social justice': an activist's plea for change
Frances Lee is a queer activist of colour, and a tireless campaigner for social justice. But these days Frances is fed up, and exhausted by the puritanical demands and strictures of fellow comrades.

'Time is the great editor': Brian Brett chooses his literary executor
The award-winning memoirist, journalist and poet is facing a difficult health challenge, so he asked a young friend, writer Chris Oke, to be his literary executor. Chris's documentary is called The Great Editor.

Catherine MacLellan on her father's musical legacy
Catherine joins Michael to talk about growing up with a famous father and coping with his sudden death, and to perform songs with her collaborator Chris Gauthier from her latest album If It's Alright With You – The Songs of Gene MacLellan.

Donald Trump is the logical outcome of America's fascination with irrationality
In his new book, Fantasyland, Kurt Andersen reveals an America founded by dreamers and magical thinkers.

What rumours reveal about our deepest hopes and fears
We live in the age of "alternative facts" and "fake news," but rumours have been with us forever.