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The Sunday Edition for September 6 , 2020

Listen to this week's episode with guest-host Kevin Sylvester.
Kevin Sylvester is a writer and illustrator. He also worked at CBC National Radio Sports for more than a decade and produced a number of documentaries for CBC Radio's The Inside Track. (Craig Desson/CBC)

Listen to this week's episode with guest-host Kevin Sylvester:

Latif Nasser explores the dizzying interconnectedness of things in our world: Mississauga, Ontario's Latif Nasser has a PhD in the history of science and made his name as a science journalist with the groundbreaking and wildly popular podcast, RadioLab, and another podcast he hosts called The Other Latif — about a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay who shares his name. He brings his infectious sense of wonder and energetic curiosity to his latest project: Connected, a documentary series on Netflix that explores the dizzying interconnectedness of things in our world.

A feast for the forgotten ones (reprise): Migrant farm workers from the Caribbean and Latin America — people who pick fruit and vegetables on Ontario farms — toil in the blazing sun, but live largely in the shadows. Their stories and their working and living conditions have received a great deal more attention this year, but that's only because they've been among the groups hardest hit by the pandemic, which has also meant the cancellation of an annual party and feast thrown for them by a businesswoman in Leamington, Ontario. Alisa Siegel took us to last summer's party in her documentary, "The Forgotten Ones."

Michael Enright in conversation with his favourite guest: Christopher Hitchens (reprise): During his final show as host of The Sunday Edition in June, Michael Enright said of all the thousands of people he's interviewed, his favourite guest was probably the late Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens was a renowned and sometimes reviled journalist, essayist, polemicist, committed atheist and contrarian, who hated humbug, hypocrisy and intellectual cowardice. We'll reprise Michael's conversation with Hitchens from November, 2001 — two months after 9/11, and shortly after Hitchens published his book, Letters to a Young Contrarian.

Music this week by: Madeleine Peyroux, Leonard Cohen, Galaa, Oscar Peterson, Ben Webster, Chet Baker, Bud Shank and The Beatles

Kevin Sylvester is a writer and illustrator. His books include The Almost Epic Squad: Mucus Mayhem, the Neil Flambé Capers (now at six books), and the MINRs trilogy. For more than a decade, he worked at CBC National Radio Sports as a reporter, producer, documentary-maker, writer and host. Sylvester covered several Olympic Games, and he won the B'nai Brith Human Rights Award in 1998 for "Black Ice," a documentary about racism in hockey.

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