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Meet the scientists exploring the frontiers of physics in Nelson, B.C.

Nelson, B.C. is known for is organic food co-ops, yoga studios, microbreweries and beautiful natural setting. Some brainiac scientists have also made the small mountain city their headquarters for exploring the frontiers of physics. Bob Keating’s documentary is called “Physics in the Forest.”
The Ion Source Test Facility at D-Pace in Nelson, B.C.

Organic food co-ops, draft dodgers, yoga studios, artists,  microbreweries and the mountains — these were the things that Nelson, B.C. used to be known for.

But Nelson is now beginning to make a real mark in high science. Thanks, in part, to a homegrown company of physicist and engineers.

A photo of the D-Pace team at their new building. Pictured: Stephen Withington, Andrew Richards, Justin Cunningham, David Potkins, Stéphane Melanson, Meghan Melanson, Jeff Martin, Thomas Stewart, Morgan Dehnel, Joseph Theroux. Not pictured: Kent Dehnel, Kurt Dehnel, Phil Jackle, Giulia Marcoux, Nicolas Savard (PhD student), Anand George (PhD student) (Bob Hall)

CBC reporter Bob Keating is not a physicist. But he thought you might like to meet some old Nelson pals of his — and hear about what they're working on.

Click 'listen' to hear Bob Keating's documentary, Physics in the Forest.


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