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For almost 80 years, the Glace Bay Chip Truck has been serving fabulous fries to Cape Bretoners

You can get french fries at any number of fast-food chains and diners. But there's something about fries from a chip truck. Mike and Marielle Yorke’s fryer on wheels — the Glace Bay Chip Truck — and its 80-year tradition of hand-cut fries is a Cape Breton institution. Holly Conners’ documentary is called “The Blessed Wagon.”
For close to 80 years, the Glace Bay Chip Wagon wagon has been offering up hand-cut fries. (Holly Conners)

This summer, a 102-year-old man paid a visit to the Glace Bay Chip Wagon. He just had to get an order of their fries.

He'd first had them in 1946, when the chip wagon first arrived in Glace Bay, N.S.

If it's possible for a fast food truck to be elevated to the level of an institution, then this chip wagon has surely earned that status. The little blue wagon has been offering up hand-cut fries for 77 years and counting. 

People in the old Cape Breton mining town — and beyond — claim they're some of the best to be found anywhere.

Mike and Marielle Yorke are the owners and principal fry-cooks at the Glace Bay Chip Wagon. (Holly Conners)

In recent years, that's been because of Mike and Marielle Yorke. They've have been the proprietors of the chip wagon, and its principal fry cooks, for the past three decades. 

Click 'listen' above to hear Holly Conner's documentary, "The Blessed Wagon."


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