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The Sunday Edition for May 19, 2019

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Financial scandals and moral outrage are finally putting a dent in the National Rifle Association's political firepower — Michael's essay:  "It prided itself in being able to destroy any attempts, however feeble, at gun control. And it has stood by, refusing all attempts at compromise, even after the slaughter of children."

What's the legacy of the Winnipeg General Strike?  A century ago, 35,000 striking workers took over the city of Winnipeg for five weeks. You'll hear eye-witness accounts of the fateful clash with police that ended the strike. Historian Ian McKay describes the strikers' idealistic attempt to create a more just society, and the terror of revolution motivating Canada's political and management class. We also learn about the lone woman among the strike's leaders; firebrand organizer Helen Jury Armstrong.

Supreme Court Justices Gerald Le Dain and Clément Gascon both suffered from depression. The similarity ends there.  Justice Le Dain was fired, while Gascon was praised for his openness and courage. Michael talks to McGill University law professor Richard Janda, who clerked for Justice Le Dain.

Revisiting Clark v. Clark, the 1982 landmark case that became a turning point for disability rights:  On one side, a young man with severe cerebral palsy who wanted the right to run his own life. On the other, his parents and the institution he lived in, who said he was mentally incompetent. The ruling in Justin Clark's favour had an impact around the world. We rebroadcast David Gutnick's documentary, "I Go Forward", which has just won a prestigious Gabriel award.

Erin Lee Carr remembers her brilliant, loving father whose addictions scarred her childhood:  David Carr, the celebrated media columnist for the New York Times, died suddenly at the age of 58, leaving behind a legacy as a journalist, mentor and father. Erin sees her memoir, All That You Leave Behind, as a continuation of her father's spirit. "He talked about life being a grand caper and that we hope it doesn't end soon ... " she says. "The book is about extending the caper." Erin Lee Carr is Michael's guest.

Bill Smart learns that small-scale farming in the city yields much more than fresh vegetables.  Bill's essay is called "Allotment Garden".

Your reaction to: Our conversation with three elementary school principals about violence in classrooms, and Michael's opening essay about using the word "nice" too often.

Music this week by: Doris Day, Johann Strauss, the London Symphony Orchestra, Lighthouse, Felix Mendelssohn, pianist Yuja Wang, clarinettist Andreas Ottensamer, and J.S. Bach as played by Jacques Louissier.