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The Sunday Edition for July 5, 2020

Listen to this week's episode with guest-host Anthony Germain.
Anthony Germain is the co-host of CBC News: Here & Now. (CBC)

Listen to this week's episode with guest-host Anthony Germain:

The Rock in a hard place: Even before COVID-19 pandemic, Newfoundland and Labrador was already lurching towards a fiscal crisis. Ottawa had to step in to help the province secure a loan to pay its bills, and now some wonder whether the feds will force the province to take some bitter austerity medicine. In his first major interview in more than a decade — since stepping down from the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador — former premier Clyde Wells talks about how the province got into this mess and the political backbone needed to get out of it.

A better tomorrow or back to normal? 2020 has unspooled one crisis after another, from the pandemic and long-term care to racial injustice and police brutality. That's inspired calls for massive changes to our government, economy and way of life. At the same time, many of us desperately want life to return to normal. Ryerson University historian Catherine Ellis looks at the choices Western societies made when faced with similar forks in the road after the two world wars — to attempt to make a better world, or to retrench and just forget about what caused the crisis.

The bard of protest, Pete Seeger (reprise): It was just one week ago that Michael Enright sat behind The Sunday Edition microphone for the last time. This summer, we're going to replay some of the interviews Michael found most memorable in his storied career as a CBC broadcaster. And in this year of protest, it seems an apt time to hear from one of the most influential and beloved protest singers ever. We'll revisit Michael Enright's 1995 interview with Pete Seeger.

Music this week by: George Gershwin, Mark Kelso, Pete Seeger, Alice Cooper, Streetnix

Anthony Germain is the co-host of CBC News: Here & Now. He's an award-winning journalist who started his career with CBC in Halifax in 1991. Germain also hosted the Morning Show in Ottawa and the St. John's Morning Show. He is a former host of the St. John's Morning Show. He also spent five years as CBC's foreign correspondent in China. 

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