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The Sunday Edition for August 25, 2019

Listen to this week's episode with guest host Connie Walker.
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The Sunday Edition for August 25, 2019 with guest host Connie Walker:

'We worked until our breath gave out': The political and environmental roots of India's deadly heat wave: In India, major cities have been running out of water and baking under record-breaking temperatures. And yet, climate change is far down the list of priorities of Narendra Modi's wildly popular nationalist government. Delhi-based journalist and author Nilanjana Roy talks about what life is like at 48 degrees Celsius and how difficult it is to get climate change on the national agenda.

How desegregation led this TSO trumpeter to the teacher who changed his life: In 1981, Andrew McCandless, 10, was bused from his white working-class community to an overwhelmingly black middle school, where he met Robert Jarrett. More than 30 years later, he honoured his mentor.

"An enormous change in the news agenda": How trauma-informed reporting is transforming journalism: It's a journalist's job to find the human stories behind disasters, violence, tragedy and hardship. But the telling of these stories can sometimes have devastating impacts for the subject and sometimes the journalist.

Sixth-graders in a nursing home — an unlikely but 'life-changing' school year: For 25 Grade 6 students in Saskatoon, school happens in a nursing home - all year long. Talk about a different kind of education. David Gutnick's documentary is called "The School of Real Life." 

Too long, didn't read — how reading online is hurting our brains: Research shows the internet is shortening our attention span and harming memory, creativity, wisdom and the capacity for empathy and critical thinking. Michael Enright talks to Maryanne Wolf, the author of Reader Come Home: The Reading Brain in the Digital World.

How a sexual assault victim's lawsuit set a precedent that alarmed the Catholic Church: As a boy, Rod MacLeod was sexually assaulted by a Basilian priest over a period of four years. He refused all offers to settle his case out of court; instead, he went to lawyer Rob Talach, known as "the priest hunter."