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The Sunday Edition for April 7, 2019

Listen to this week's episode with host Michael Enright.
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Listen to this week's episode with host Michael Enright.

Nova Scotia may improve Canada's pathetic record on organ donations — Michael's essay: Nova Scotia has introduced a bill that will make every citizen an organ donor, unless citizens choose to opt out. In his essay, Michael asks why other provinces don't follow suit: "Since all our organs are going to turn into a worm banquet anyway, why keep them?"

No one is considering children's rights when sentencing parents: Lawyer Verena Tan calls the children of incarcerated Canadians an "invisible group," whose best interests are overlooked by the criminal just system. In a new report commissioned by the Quaker group Canadian Friends Service Committee, she examined a year's worth of sentencing reports and found no cases where judges referenced the defendant's children.

Your reaction to: Ira Basen's documentary on high-tech sleep aids, and a letter about our selection of Newfoundland music.

'My soul is still in Rwanda': 25 years after the genocide, Roméo Dallaire still grapples with guilt: Canadian General Roméo Dallaire led the UN forces in Rwanda, and his warnings to the world fell on deaf ears. Within 100 days in 1994, supporters of the Hutu-majority government killed about 800,000 people, and Dallaire returned to Canada with PTSD and psychological scars he bears to this day.

A novelist's take on the early years of the Dionne quintuplets: When the Dionne quintuplets were born in a tiny village in northern Ontario, they became the darlings of the world. Then they became a spectacle. Writer Shelley Wood has crafted a fictionalized account of their early years, called The Quintland Sisters.

Parents are demanding action on classroom violence: We keep our spotlight on the staggering increase in violence in elementary schools. A group of parents in Newmarket, Ont., organized a public event to discuss this crisis in classrooms, much to the chagrin of their local school board. We will share excerpts of their meeting.

Music this week by: Tanika Charles, Steve Earle, Marjan Mozetich, Jackie Sullivan, Manuel De Falla, The Count Basie Orchestra and Brahms.