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The Sunday Edition — December 9, 2018

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Michael Enright, host of CBC's The Sunday Edition. (CBC)

The return of Smell-O-Vision - Michael's essay

"If current audiences lose their appetite for superhero sequels and remakes of old movies, the return of Smell-o-Vision might bring back the casual moviegoer. It makes … scents … to me."

Birth tourism may be a hot button issue in the next federal election

A recent study of Canadian hospital records shows a trend called "birth tourism" is on the rise. Mothers travel to Canada, pay cash to enter a Canadian hospital and give birth to a baby who is an instant Canadian citizen. Michael's guests are immigration lawyer Jamie Liew and Jas Johal, MLA for Richmond-Queensborough, in British Columbia. 

"When your adult child is an innocent in this world, letting go is the hardest thing imaginable."

When Jennifer Overton's son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 3, she became a "card-carrying control freak." When he moved away from home, she had to learn how to let go and support his transition to independence.

'We've lost a beautiful voice': B.C. musician Sarah Valiunas dies of fentanyl overdose

Sarah Vee was a busker with a beautiful voice who sang on the streets of Nelson, B.C. Journalist Bob Keating, who had stopped more than once to listen to her sing, decided to find out why she was no longer there. His documentary is called "The Voice of Sarah Vee."

Populist wave is the warning sign we need: Gwynne Dyer

Gwynne Dyer joined Michael Enright to discuss the connection between automation, joblessness and populism, which is the subject of his new book Growing Pains: The Future of Democracy (and Work)

Thousands of farm animals die in barn fires in Canada, and no one seems to care

If a little girl's kitten is hit by a car, it can make the national news. But when thousands of chickens are incinerated by an accidental fire, it's rarely even reported. Vicki Fecteau is working to bring the toll of barn fires to light, and to prevent them from happening in the first place. She's a retired engineer and a director with the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals.

"It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

Bill Richardson returns to the radio with a quirky, beautiful documentary inspired by candles, light and those old-fashioned twirling angel chimes. It's called "Four Small Candles."

Think paying more for wine guarantees good quality? Think again

Most of us think it's a truism that a $100 bottle will deliver ten times the quality of a wine that costs just $10.  Belinda Kemp is a Senior Staff Scientist in Oenology and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Brock University.   

Music this week by: Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughan, Django Reinhardt, Ofra Harnoy,  Ginger Baker, Sarah Vee, The Soweto Gospel Choir, Gene Autry, Antonin Dvorak, Erik Satie, Tom Lehrer, Mary Lou Fallis & J.S Bach.