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The Sunday Edition — August 12, 2018

Listen to this week's episode with guest host David Gray.
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On this week's program, with guest-host David Gray:

Researcher wants to build Corky, the aging orca, a 'retirement home'
Corky was captured off the coast of BC, and has lived in a marine park longer than any other killer whale. Paul Spong is founder of OrcaLab whale research station on Hanson Island. He has been leading the campaign to move Corky to an "orca retirement home" in a bay in BC, where she can reunite with her family.

Life inside a travelling school bus powered by vegetable oil
With artists, engineers and musicians, the mother and son at the heart of The Soulfire Project have travelled 30,000 miles in a colourful, rickety bus, using vegetable oil for fuel. They're on a musical/artistic/environmental mission. Brittany Amodeo's documentary is called "The Magic School Bus."

My Mother's Threads: daughter weaves garment factory stories into art
Artist Sara Angelucci spent nine months in the Hamilton, Ont., factory where her mother once worked as a seamstress. The images, objects and recordings she collected are featured in her exhibit, Piece Work. Alisa Siegel's documentary is called "My Mother's Threads."

Poetry is a sugar cube in the bitter coffee of everyday life, says Pino Coluccio​​
His day job is in an office, but Canadian writer Pino Coluccio's passion is writing poetry. He crafts sharp, witty poems about the absurdities of modern life, some of which are collected in his latest book, Class Clown.

How a powerful message from the world's oldest tree saved a man from a midlife crisis
When Oliver Gunther turned 40, his wife "saw a train wreck coming." So she took him to visit a 4,849-year-old tree in the California desert. Oliver's essay is called, "Methuselah in the Clouds."

Meet two young, talented musicians from the piano quartet Ensemble Made in Canada
Two musicians from the piano quartet Ensemble Made in Canada join Michael to talk about studying classical music from childhood, the laser-like focus required to succeed, and their joy in performing together as a group.

'From the Ashes': Rebuilding after the B.C. wildfires
Jennifer Chrumka visits four people whose lives were changed last summer by the Elephant Hill wildfire, one of the most devastating fires in a record-breaking wildfire season in B.C. Her documentary is called "From the Ashes."