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Peter Navarro meets April Fools' Day

Actor Ray Landry joins Michael to review listeners’ response to our joke interview with President Trump’s advisor on international trade, aka Peter Rabbit.
Last week, we aired a joke interview with President Trump’s advisor on international trade, Peter Navarro, aka Peter Rabbit. Many listeners fell down the rabbit hole. (Columbia Pictures/Sony via AP)

Last week, on Sunday, April 1st, we fabricated a bit of radio. 

We hired actor Ray Landry and asked him to impersonate Peter Navarro, Donald Trump's trade advisor, for an April Fools' Day interview. 

This is the third time Ray has helped us out on April Fools' Day. 

Actor Ray Landry joined The Sunday Edition for an April Fools' interview last week. This was his third April Fools' appearance on the show. (Submitted by Ray Landry)
In 2012, he played presidential candidate Mitt Romney, in a conversation about why he strapped his family's dog to the roof of his car, on a road trip to Canada.

And in 2001, he played former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, and The Sunday Edition's Michael Enright called him a washed-up peanut farmer. Except it wasn't Carter, it was an impeccable impersonation by Ray Landry. He was so convincing that the story appeared the following morning on the front page of the Globe and Mail.

This week, Landry joins Michael again to read some of the mail we received in response to this year's April Fools'.

There was a range of emotions. A few people railed in anger; some questioned whether the interview was real (perhaps a sign of the times?) Others assumed it was an April Fools' Day stunt. But most of the listeners who wrote to us confessed they fell for it.

Click 'listen' above to hear Ray Landry and Michael read some of the mail we received.