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The incredible lightness of being without almost everything - an Ashley Walters documentary

Three people who have not just decluttered their lives and their living spaces; they have dispensed with almost everything.
Cluttered basement - a common sight for those of us who have a hard time getting rid of things. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

When Tom Robbins wrote, "That which you hold, holds you," he was onto something. We live in a world drowning in stuff. Everyone seems to groan about the weight of accumulation. Hoarding is now considered a public health hazard. And de-cluttering books are on the best seller lists. 

Despite all that, most of us continue to hold on to what what we have, and constantly add to the stash. But there are those brave souls, who so acutely feel the burden of material possessions, that they do something radical to lighten the load. Ashley brings us the stories of three such people in her documentary "A Daring Divestment".


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