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Mandela's moral courage; NSA Whistleblower; Mandela, an audio history; PTSD and the General; Bollywood star on women in India

This week on the Sunday Edition for December 8, 2013  ...

This week on the Sunday Edition for December 8, 2013


Michael's Essay:  Michael reflects on the life of Nelson Mandela (00:00:24)

NSA Whistleblower: Thomas Drake, a computer software expert and former senior executive with the National Security Agency in the U.S., talks about the recent spate of whistle-blowers, who have been shining a light in the dark corners of international cyber-spying. Mr. Drake was himself a whistle-blower; he was charged, but never convicted. (00:04:56)

Mailbag: MORE listener mail on language, and ... the 'like.' (00:36:16)

Mandela: An Audio History

The Sunday Edition devotes an hour to the story of the struggle against Apartheid -- through rare sound recordings, and the voice of Nelson Mandela himself, as well as those who fought with him and who fought against him. 

Our documentary is called "Nelson Mandela: an Audio History".  (00:40:17)

PTSD and the General: In the aftermath of a series of suicides by Canadian soldiers recently returned from Afghanistan, Senator Roméo Dallaire talks with Michael about his own struggle with PTSD, which included several attempts to commit suicide. This week, the former Lieutenant-General crashed his car -- a result, he says, of extreme fatigue following a heavy schedule, plus the emotional toll of the soldiers' suicides and the approaching 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. (01:34:28)

Essay: Snowbird. Paula Dunning from Echo Bay, Ontario (01:57:00)

Mailbag: Listener mail on teaching children to 'Self Regulate'(02:04:03)       

Mallika: Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat responds to a journalist's questions about the status of women in India. (02:10:56) 

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