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UPDATE: That's Cheezies with a Zed

This week, a fire destroyed a warehouse at the Hawkins Cheezie factory in Belleville, Ontario. No one was hurt, and production is ramping up for the big Hallowe'en deadline. We revisit David Gutnick's documentary profile of the founder of Hawkins Cheezies, James. E. Marker.

Earlier this week, the Hawkins Cheezie warehouse in Belleville, Ontario, containing hundreds of boxes of Cheezie packaging, burned down. Fortunately, no one was hurt — the actual plant is fine.

But we were reminded of David Gutnick's profile of James E. Marker, who was still active as vice-president of W.T. Hawkins Limited, when he died at the age of 90. 

David's documentary, which aired in 2011, is called, "That's Cheezies with a Zed."

After Monday's fire, Hawkins employees were quick to reassure loyal customers. They say the fire won't slow anything down, at a time when all 100 employees are ramping up production to prepare for Halloween.

Listen here to David's documentary as it was originally broadcast.