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Thirty nine. Female. Crazy job. No partner. No kids. AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

The generation of women who were told they could "have it all", is approaching 40 years old. Many are childless and single, and their disappointments are painful and unique. Producer Tara Henley, who is childless and about to turn 40 herself, tries to untangle the threads.
They were the first generation of women who grew up thinking they could "have it all". Well, they don't. And at 39, it really sinks in.
The only thing more daunting than "zero" birthdays, are "nine" birthdays. You know - the penultimates. The ones just before the decade changes. 
Tara Henley
The ones that begin a year of "leading up" to a really big one.
And one of those nine birthdays, is proving more daunting than the rest of them, for a whole generation of women.

The current crop of thirty-nine year old women, are contending with dilemmas and disappointments that are unique, deeply felt, sometimes pretty painful, and often unspoken. Facing forty herself, producer Tara Henley decided to try and untangle the threads. 

Her documentary is called "Thirty-Nine".


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