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The Fort Hope education of Sarah Diamond

When the newly-graduated Ms. Diamond first travelled north to teach in an elementary school in the Eabametoong First Nation, she was brimming with idealism and energy, determined to make a difference in her students' lives. Now, two school years later, she’s pretty spent. She’s keenly aware of the longstanding pattern of white teachers from the south coming into the community — and then leaving it. Sarah Diamond has a tough decision on her hands. Julia Pagel’s documentary is called "Are You Going to Stay?"
Sarah Diamond with members of her grade 2 class. (Julia Pagel)

For the last two years, 28-year-old Sarah Diamond has worked in Eabametoong First Nation in northern Ontario. The community, also known as Fort Hope, is a one-hour plane ride into the bush from Thunder Bay.

Sarah is one of many teachers from the south, on staff at the elementary school. In fact, for decades there has been a revolving door of teachers leaving this Ojibway community. 

This spring, Sarah Diamond had to decide whether she would be one of them.

That's when producer Julia Pagel went to Fort Hope.

Her documentary is called "Are You Going to Stay?"

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      Click 'listen' above to hear the documentary. You can read a blog post Sarah Diamond wrote about her time in Fort Hope here