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The Music That Changed Your World - Episode 3

Robert Harris returns with the third instalment of "The Music That Changed Your World."
Original album cover from "Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music", by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra -- the music that changed Michael Enright's teenaged world. (The Boston Pops)

"The Music That Changed Your World" is based on the notion that we all have albums or single pieces of music that changed our lives the moment we heard them, and have remained with us ever since. Music critic Robert Harris is our guide.

We have been featuring your letters and emails on the subject. They've been wonderful, funny and a testament to how important music can be.

This is our third instalment. The music on this program is from the LP "Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music", by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops, and from a classical music sampler LP Robert calls, "The Numbers."

Click the button above to hear Michael's conversation with Robert Harris.

Musicologist and broadcaster Robert Harris (CBC)
ABOUT ROBERT: Robert is a long-time music journalist, writer, teacher and broadcaster.  From 2000-2008, he was the host and producer of "I Hear Music", a weekly show presented on CBC Radio 2. He is the author of two books, What To Listen For in Mozart, and What To Listen For in Beethoven. He is the classical music critic for The Globe and Mail.


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