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Utopia on the prairie

Craig Desson takes us to Palmer, Saskatchewan, a small farming community which is being brought back to life by a group of under-employed university graduates from Ontario.
Summer on the prairie (Ian McGregor)

It could have stayed a ghost town. For a few generations, that's pretty much what it was. The once-bustling farming community of Palmer, in the middle of the vast prairie of southern Saskatchewan, had all but vanished from the map.

Then about ten years ago, a rag-tag group of unemployed and underemployed university graduates from Ontario decided to throw away their conventional dreams to try and make a go of it there.
(Credit: Craig Desson)
It was an experiment Craig Desson had heard about for years.  When he finally got the chance to see it for himself, it seemed almost meant to be.

His documentary is called, "Maybe for Me, It's Utopia", which first aired in March.


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