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Guest host Francine Pelletier

Francine Pelletier is one of Canada's pre-eminent journalists. We are delighted to welcome her as guest host for our programs of July 26 and August 2.
Francine Pelletier

Francine Pelletier is one of Canada's pre-eminent journalists.

Over her 30-year career, the Montreal-based reporter, columnist and filmmaker has worked for many English and French media outlets. She has written for La Presse and The Montreal Gazette, among other newspapers; she currently writes a weekly column for Le Devoir.

Pelletier also served as a parliamentary correspondent in Quebec City for Radio-Canada's Le Point and as co-host of CBC Television's the fifth estate. She has written and directed 11 documentary films, including Monsieur (2003), about former Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau.

In 2014, Francine Pelletier was awarded the first Michener-Deacon Fellowship for Journalism Education. The annual fellowship, which is dedicated to the advancement of young journalists, allows an industry professional to spend time teaching or mentoring students at a recognized Canadian journalism school.