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Guest host Susan Bonner

Susan Bonner, host of CBC Radio's World at Six, is our guest host on August 6 and August 13.
Susan Bonner has been covering politics and world issues for nearly 30 years at the CBC. (CBC)

As the host of CBC Radio's World at Six, Susan Bonner draws on decades of experience to guide Canadians through the major news stories of the day on the flagship newscast.

For close to 30 years she's been a CBC reporter with postings in just about every province as well as a decade in CBC's parliamentary bureau and most recently four years in Washington.

Born in Montreal, Susan earned a journalism degree from Ryerson University in Toronto. She learned about Canada on its front lines, joining CBC in 1985 as a national summer trainee. To beat any central Canada bent out of her, she was promptly sent west where she spent several years working in Saskatoon and Calgary. To balance things out she went to Halifax where she honed her love of political reporting. That led to a posting in Montreal in the post Meech Lake turbulence.

Susan also spent several years in Toronto as a writer and producer but was lured back into reporting in the late 90s, covering the economy. From there she went to Ottawa for a decade of reporting on the end of Liberal dominance, the tumultuous minority government era and the birth and rise of Stephen Harper's conservative government.

Susan has recently come home from an exhilarating stint in CBC's Washington bureau, covering the Obama government and all the major global issues that dominate the U.S. capital. She lives in Toronto with her husband and son.